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SpectroPulverizer Infield Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit


The SpectroPulverizer* is a small portable in-field grinding and/or pelletizing kit ideally used with hand-held XRF analyzers. Its unique operation quickly and efficiently pulverizes the sample contained within its sample chamber in a short amount of time. In addition to pulverizing, a unique chamber design allows it to be inverted and a pelletizing ring may be inserted to quickly make an in-field pellet for fast analysis of any sample. The lightweight portable grinder runs on a rechargeable 12V Li-ION battery.

The SpectroPulverizer In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit is contained in a rugged case which contains:

  • Portable Grinder
  • Grinding/Pelletizing chamber, base and plunger
  • 12V Li-ION Battery and recharger
  • Pellet Rings (3)
  • SpectroVials® (8) 20cm3 vials
  • SpectroBlend® (25) ½ gram tablets
  • Portable Grinder

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Technical specifications

Operating Voltage 12VDC
Impacts per minute 2700
Chamber OD 3" (76.2mm)
Chamber Height 3.6" (91.5mm)
Recharger 120VAC/60HZ 750mA


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