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LoGiCal Standards

LoGiCal is a new range of reference materials from LGC, manufactured in house to the highest quality standards and certification levels at LGC’s production facilities in Europe. The new range offers scientists a choice of solutions and powders prepared according to the principles of ISO Guide 34 – with the solutions being fully ISO Guide 34 certified – each supplied with its own detailed Certificate of Analysis. As well as native substances, there is a wide selection of stable isotope labelled materials for use with mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques. Initially focusing on the needs of forensic and clinical laboratories, the new product range provides access to a wide range of reference materials, including drugs of abuse, prescription drugs and drug metabolites.

The LoGiCal range is available from – and distributed globally by – LGC Standards, with stocks maintained locally at LGC Standards offices to eliminate delays due to the complex, lengthy import procedures associated with the procurement of controlled substances.

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Alcohol CongenersErectile Dysfunction
AnaestheticsGHB and Related Material
Anti-cancer DrugsHormones (Excluding Steroids)
AntidepressantsMood Stabilizators
AntiemeticsNatural Products and Phytochemicals
AntiepilepticsNeurological Diseases (Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Dementia etc)
Antifungal DrugsNon Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)
AntihistaminesOpiates and Opioids
AntimalarialsOther Legal Highs and Club Drugs
AntipsychoticsPhenythylamines including Amphetamines and Ring Subtituted Substances
ArylcyclohexaminesRespiratory Drugs
BarbituratesSmart Drugs
BenzodiazepinesSmoking Related Substances
Cannabinoids- PhytoStable Isotope labeled Standards (Deuterium and Carbon-13)
Cannabinoids- SyntheticSteroid
Cardiac Drugs and Beta BlockersThiopurics
Cocaine and Related MaterialsWeight Loss Drugs
DiureticZ- Drugs
Drug Metabolites and Conjugates 


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