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Forensic and Drug Monitoring

We understand the quality requirements needed by forensic and drug monitoring laboratories in order to satisfy accreditation and professional bodies, having provided reference materials to the industry for over 30 years. Our unique offering brings together a comprehensive accredited range of drug and metabolite standards, internal standards, matrix materials and proficiency testing schemes, in order to support your scientific analysis.
Our own LoGiCal brand gives you access to more than 2800 in-house reference materials for drugs, metabolites and related standards, produced under rigorous quality assurance specifications, so that you can base your decisions on precise, robust data.

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ISO 13485
ISO 17034
ISO/IEC 17025

Read our fentanyl white paper

Download our free white paper on designer fentanyl methoxyacetylfentanyl & findings to help you detect and identify the drug & its metabolites in biological fluids

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Quality forensic reference materials

With over 2,600 products in our portfolio, the LoGiCal range provides a comprehensive selection of drugs of abuse, prescription drugs, metabolites & stable isotope labelled RMs

Discover the range

The fentanyl story

Join expert Ric Treble as he retraces the journey of fentanyls from the operating theatre to the streets & discusses the implications this has had for drug & toxicology laboratories

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  • Read our fentanyl white paper

    Learn more about methoxyacetylfentanyl

  • Quality forensic reference materials

    Explore our LoGiCal range

  • The fentanyl story

    Learn how illicit fentanyls emerged

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