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We have been supplying the industrial sector with premium quality reference materials and proficiency testing schemes for more than 35 years.

Join us at STLE 2019

Visit us at the STLE Annual Meeting in Nashville from May 19 to 23 to talk about our CRMs, including VHG Parti-Count™, V-Solv™ ICP Solvents, V & MA Series Metallo-organics & more

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New MBH catalogue

Our updated MBH catalogue of certified reference materials contains unique metal alloy RMs for aluminium, copper, lead, tin, and zinc base alloys, as well as lead/tin solders

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Performance testing with VHG

Our proficiency testing program monitors your lab's analytical performance against CRMs, with samples including elements in oil, kinematic viscosity, lead in isooctane & more

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  • Join us at STLE 2019

    Meet the VHG team in Nashville

  • New MBH catalogue

    Download the 2019 MBH catalogue

  • Performance testing with VHG

    Take part in our PT program

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