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Clinical Schemes

LGC Standard’s clinical proficiency testing schemes, or external quality assessment schemes as they are often referred as, deal principally in the area of drug monitoring, whether they are deliberately administered drugs for therapeutic purposes; toxic drugs deliberately or accidentally ingested which could cause harm; or drugs of abuse which may be analysed for clinically significant levels, or for workplace monitoring.

Due to the importance of results obtained, it is essential that laboratories are able to demonstrate their testing is dependable, reproducible and accurate; otherwise mistakes can have a major impact on patient care, legal and forensic investigations, occupational monitoring, insurance screening and more.

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory (CLS) 28  Productos disponibles
Drugs of Abuse in Hair (DAH) 1  Productos disponibles
Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluid (DOF) 1  Productos disponibles
Drugs of Abuse in Urine (DAU) 2  Productos disponibles
Immunosuppressant (IPT) 6  Productos disponibles
Therapeutic Drugs (TDM) 44  Productos disponibles
Therapeutic Drugs-Antibiotics (ANTIBIOTICS) 4  Productos disponibles
Toxicology (TOX) 11  Productos disponibles


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