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Food and feed Schemes

LGC Standards is a key provider of schemes for the food and feed industries, and include many of the top 20 food worldwide businesses as customers for our routine schemes or our managed PT solutions

Our largest scheme, for food microbiology, has over 2,000 participating laboratories worldwide, enabling participants to compare their performance on a truly global scale. This and our other food schemes, provides managers with a means to monitor performance of multiple labs in wide geographies via group participation and reporting. This is possible through PORTAL, our secure, multi-functional web-based reporting system.

Animal Feed (AFPS) 11  Productos disponibles
Chocolate (QCS) 7  Productos disponibles
Dairy Chemistry (QDCS) 32  Productos disponibles
Environmental Hygiene Monitoring (HYGIENE) 6  Productos disponibles
Food Chemistry (QFCS) 55  Productos disponibles
Food Microbiology (QMS) 56  Productos disponibles
Gelatine (QGS) 6  Productos disponibles
Meat & Fish (QMAS) 28  Productos disponibles
Shiga Toxin E.coli (STEC) 0  Productos disponibles


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