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Do you know about our Inorganic reference materials?

Our Inorganic catalogue features LGC's exclusive VHG Labs product brand, high purity single and multi-element aqueous standards and CRMs.

We are the only manufacturer to certify our single-element standards using the rigorous NIST High Performance ICP-AES Protocol meaning you can have absolute confidence in your analysis. Our multi-element standards line can be used for calibration, fortifying solutions, control checks, interference Checks and tuning solutions that are suitable for use with ICP, ICP-MS, AA and other spectroscopic techniques.

Do you need to have tailor made standards instead? In addition, we specialise in custom blends to make sure we cater for all your requirements.

That’s not all! We also offer a range of standards for:

  • Ion chromatography, speciation and isotope analysis
  • Solid standards and fluxes
  • Consumables and replacement parts for AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS and XRF instruments.

Take a look at our extensive Inorganic product range for yourself. Download our Inorganic catalogue or request a paper copy by emailing askus@lgcgroup.com

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