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Beverage Schemes

The beverage proficiency testing schemes available from LGC Standards cover routine and advanced analyses performed by many laboratories in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic sectors. Ensuring the highest quality and consistency for global brands ultimately depends upon the quality of the laboratory results as the basis for key decisions about product quality and safety.

Our comprehensive range of schemes for the beverage industry covers all aspects of production, from raw materials to finished products. Participating in our global proficiency testing schemes provides a truly independent assessment of measurement quality, giving you confidence in the analysis, the decisions based on that analysis and ultimately the quality of product.

Alcoholic Drinks (DAPS) 13  Produits disponibles
Brewing Analytes - Chemistry (BAPSCHEM) 7  Produits disponibles
Brewing Analytes - Microbiology (BAPSMICRO) 1  Produits disponibles
Malt Analytes (MAPS) 8  Produits disponibles
Soft Drinks & Fruit Juice (QBS) 16  Produits disponibles
Sugar - Chemistry (SUPSCHEM) 7  Produits disponibles
Sugar - Microbiology (SUPSMICRO) 2  Produits disponibles


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