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Petroleum Standards and CRMs

The VHG Labs brand offers an extensive line of analytical reference standards for both new and used oil applications.  Our petroleum standards may be used for analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, AA, XRF, RDE, UVF, physical testing instruments, and other used oil analysis equipment.  We have been manufacturing single and multi-element standards (both sulfonate-based and sulfur-free versions) for almost 30 years.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and ISO Guide 34 accredited.  Each product must pass rigorous Quality Control in our ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory and is shipped with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis with actual (not nominal) concentrations.

If you don’t find exactly what you need, please request a custom standard quote

Biodiesel Standards
Matrix Oils & Solvents
Metallo-Organic Standards
Petroleum Physical Test Standards
Proficiency Testing
Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorine
Used Oil Analysis
Gasoline QC Standards for GC
PIANO and PONA Standards for GC


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