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Hygiene Surface Monitoring (HYGIENE)

Regular hygiene monitoring of environmental surfaces and equipment in manufacturing and healthcare is a key part of any quality system. Ensuring control of microbial contamination can directly affect the quality of both product and patient care.


In the food and beverage industries, it can help avoid food spoilage and food poisoning, both of which can damage brand value and profits. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, parenteral medicines and the environment they are produced in need to be free from harmful microbial strains. In healthcare, regular environmental monitoring can demonstrate cleaning and disinfection have been carried out correctly, helping to reduce the potential spread of infection.


Participation in the AXIO Proficiency Testing HYGIENE scheme can help to demonstrate that environmental monitoring is effective and under control. Regular monitoring allows information to be collected to review and assess hygiene quality and ensure legislative standards are being met. It also helps to determine the effectiveness of control systems designed to prevent microbial contamination.


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ISO/IEC 17043
ISO 9001

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29 November 2021

10 January 2022


28 March 2022

03 May 2022


25 July 2022

30 August 2022


21 November 2022

09 January 2023

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