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Cups from XRS

X-Ray Services sample cups are made by a top Dutch producer of spray-casting applications and developed in cooperation with specialists from the industry. The sample cup consists of two plastic cylinders and a top cover, held together with a three way connection part. When the cup is assembled according to the instructions, the distance between the sample and X-ray tube will always be constant, giving optimal reproducibility.

The XRS sample sample cup not only guarantees an optimal performance of your X-ray spectrometer, we also guarantee a very fair price and a fast delivery from stock.

The XRS-24-32 sample cups have a flat top cover

The XRS-30-35 and XRS-40-45 sample cups have a tab on the top cove, ensuring an easy removal from the sample holder.

The XRS-35-40-s (Standard) sample cups have a small tab, the XRS-35-40-t (Tab) cups have a tab to assist easy removal from the sample holder, the XRS-35-40-l (Low) cup has a flat top cover and a lower height in order to fit into shallower sample holders.




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