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Please find below a quick and easy guide on creating quotes, editing quotes, checking stock status and dispatch times on quoted lines, and converting quotes on the LGC Web shop.

Quotes created on the web shop are treated the same as office quotes. All prices are based off standard price lists or a company’s contract agreed prices with LGC as applicable. Please view the steps below to benefit from these new features.

Why use quotes online

  • Ability to view all quotes 24/7/365
  • Easily search for quotes
  • Create quotes online
  • Convert quotes to order online
  • View latest stock availability of each line on open quotes
  • Ability to edit quotes by easily reproducing new baskets
  • Track orders, view order history, and reorder products easily

Sign In to access online quotations

To sign click on the Sign In link highlighted in the red box below:

To sign in a user is required to enter their email address and password.


Once logged in the User can then mouse over the My account drop down (as highlighted in red below) and from the drop down list can select Quotes, as illustrated below:

Manage quotes

The Quotes section of the Web shop as illustrated below, will display all the quotes belonging to the company account. All users assigned to the company account will be able to see all open quotations and their status.

To view a specific quote, click into the Quote number and the quote detail page will be displayed with your specific quote details.

Create web quotation

To create a quotation, please add all of the items into your basket and proceed through the check out process as if placing a web order. On the Final review page, you will have the option of “Placing order” or “Creating quotation”. Select “Create quotation” as illustrated below and place order.

Follow the journey below for a detailed guidance.

Stage one – Your basket:

Stage one – Your basket. At this point, the user is in the basket.

  • Basket Quick Add – Type in “Exact” Product Code & click “Add”. This adds item to basket.
  • Remove Items – Remove a single line by clicking “Remove” in the “Delete” Column.
  • To clear all items – Click “Empty basket”. A confirmation will ask you to confirm.
  • Manage Checkout – Update basket quantities, Save basket or progress order by clicking “Checkout”.


Stage two – Billing & shipping information:

Checkout delivery and shipping address.png

Billing address – Is defaulted to the main company billing address. This can only be changed by contacting the local office.
Shipping address – The User has the option to select various addresses from the system

Stage three – Final review: Confirm your quote

On the Final review page, you will have the option of “Placing order” or “Creating quotation”. Select “Create quotation” as illustrated in Green below.


Basket lines include contract prices with discounts, additional quantity based discounts, if applicable, are listed above in the discounts column.

The basket lists the Controlled drugs (Cont.drugs) status of each line to inform user if the drugs are controlled. Additionally, the Sales Tax and Delivery/Freight charges are itemised to give a final basket Total Amount.

Actions users can take before creating quotations
Enter Attention of- Users can enter the “Attention of” which directs the order and documentation to the appropriate contact at your selected shipping address.
Enter Cost centre- Enter the required Cost centre (if known) or any internal reference
Create quotation – Select to “Place order” or “Create quotation”.
Create quote – Click onto the “Create quote” button to create a quote

Stage four – Quote confirmation & Quote document PDF

Once a user has “Created quote” they will be directed to the “Quote confirmation” page which summarises the Quote number and the quote details including Total Amount and Expiry date. This provides a link to the Quote PDF on LGC letterhead as may be required by procurement departments for approving requisitions.

All quotes are valid for 30 days as standard.
The Quote PDF document can be downloaded and emailed to your colleagues as part of the requisition process.

View Quote detail page

To view the quote, go to “Quotes section” and select the desired quote ID. Click on the quote and you will be presented with the quote detail page below.

From this page, users can view the latest stock status and dispatch times against the quoted lines, reject or convert the quote to an order. Users also have the possibility to add or update “Attention of” details on shipping addresses or internal references / cost centre, if applicable, before “Converting quote to order”.

Stock status & dispatch times of Quoted lines

A novel and unique advantage of the LGC online quotes is that users can check the stock status and dispatch times against each line on a LGC quote before converting an order.

This is a great advantage as quotes are often created and converted at different times. This gives users a chance to review the status quickly, 24/7/365, on open quotes and convert quotes to orders with the comfort that items are available at the point of order.

These quote detail pages and stock statuses can also be “printed” for additional reassurance.


Convert quote to order

As illustrated below, once the user is satisfied with the quote and wants to convert the quote into an order, it is advised that a PO number is entered, and then converted by clicking on the “Convert quote to order” button below.


Order confirmation

After clicking the “Convert quote to order” button, the user will be presented with the Order Number,  and the message “Confirmation that the quote has been converted into an order successfully” and an email will be sent to the user that converted the quote.  Illustration below.

Amend quotes

Quite often, throughout the requisition process, it is required that quotes require amendments. Users can handle these changes individually, by copying the quoted items and quantities to the basket where they can amend them and generate a new Quote ID.

Click on “Copy quote” button to create the items in the basket to generate a new quote.

This will take the user to the basket where the items are listed in the same order and quantities as on the quote. Any amendments can be made via the basket and a new quote ID generated.

Basket Quick Add – Type in “Exact” Product Code & click “Add”. This adds item to basket.
Update  – After adding the product click onto Update, which will update the basket.
Save –  This Saves the current basket
Checkout - Checkout allows the user to either proceed to Order or create a Quote.

See create quote for more details.

Cancel Quote

The user can cancel the quote by clicking onto the Cancel quote button as illustrated below:

Once the user cancels the quote, a successful quote rejection page is displayed and all the associated information such as quote status, regarding the quote is updated.  

The quote stays visible as a read only document in the Quotes section of the web shop for 15 days in case a user wishes to re-generate a new quote.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with your online quotations then please let us know at web@lgcstandards.com . We would be delighted to help.





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