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Consumer safety Schemes

Ensuring products do not harm the consumers that purchase them is a fundamental requirement for business survival and protecting brand value. We rely on manufacturers, suppliers and legislation to keep us safe, and a key part of this is the laboratory analysis performed on the products to ensure no harmful chemicals, physical properties or microorganisms are present.

Our range of consumer safety schemes offer a valuable tool for the ongoing assessment of testing procedures, effectiveness of methods employed laboratory staff responsible for the analysis and subsequent interpretation of results. Proficiency testing provides an independent validation of laboratory quality.

Cosmetics & Toiletries (COSMETICS) 17  Produkte gefunden
Environmental Hygiene Monitoring (HYGIENE) 6  Produkte gefunden
Nickel Migration (NIMS) 1  Produkte gefunden
Pharmaceutical (PHARMASSURE) 27  Produkte gefunden
Toy safety (TOYTEST) 14  Produkte gefunden


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