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Autofluxer Classic


The automatic fusion machine with innovative features

The autofluxer is an automatic fusion
machine for XRF and ICP/AAS with up to 4 stations arranged on a compact footprint of only 18.5 square inch.

With simple, clearly arranged controls, function display and status indicator the Autofluxer classic offers the most simple to use flux machine available. Applications range from mining to the process industry of minerals, cements, glasses ceramics, slags, and many other inorganic products.


autofluxer® classic - new and unique features


  • Slow movement of the crucible during the whole melting process protects valuable platinum crucibles and enables homogenous heating of samples
  • Cooling-Delay: A break between pouring and cooling is available for special applications
  • Counter provides a memory function of the fusion processes to estimate gas consumption


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new and unique features -
  • crucible movement ensures homogenous heating of samples
  • cooling delay for special applications
  • gas consumption measurement

The autofluxer fusion machine follows the principles of the classical German Schoeps machine with refinements following several hundreds of successful applications and technical innovations.

Flexible for fusion both as solid or liquid samples, the autofluxer is the right choice for laboratories with changing or research applications. Autofluxer settings can be easily set in position for non-expert handling.

Base models:

  • autofluxer® classic with 2 stations XRF
  • autofluxer® classic with 4 stations XRF
  • Upgrading for up to 4 ICP/AAS solution stations is possible at any time



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