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Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)

Our Therapeutic Drugs Monitoring (TDM) proficiency testing scheme provides independent performance assessment for the routine quantification of a wide range of anti-epileptic and other therapeutic drugs. TDM is a measurement of specific drug concentration levels at timed intervals in patients, usually through blood/serum samples, and is necessary where control of drug concentrations is required to achieve optimum treatment for the patient, or where there is a narrow range between the therapeutic and toxic levels.
The operation of our TDM scheme is supported by an Advisory Group consisting of members of professional bodies, scheme participants, and others experienced in the field. The scheme reports on the performance of UK participants (who have clinical responsibilities) to the National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels for Chemical Pathology.

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ISO 13485
ISO 17034/ISO Guide 34
ISO/IEC 17025

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