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Europe's testing toys

Increased regulatory oversight of products sold across Europe looks likely, after inspections highlighted high numbers of unsafe products in circulation, including 58% of electronic devices and 32% of toys.

European toy alerts over the past two weeks illustrate the issue, having included dolls containing phthalates at 14% of weight (limit: 0.1%), bubbles laced with multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria, boron in slime at over ten times approved limits (3151mg/kg - limit 300mg/kg), & carcinogenic balloons1.

The EU's Internal Market Committee on Monday approved proposals to create a uniform methodology for assessing products and stronger investigation & enforcement powers for online sales. The committee also voted to improve cooperation & communication between the 500+ different authorities responsible for EU market surveillance as they implement the more stringent rules.

With Proficiency Testing that sets the standard, we can help you ensure your decision making is informed, reliable and effective and that you meet new requirements when they come into force. TOYTEST offers a variety of schemes covering a wide range of analytes, including boron, phthalates, azo dyes, lead and cadmium, alongside additional paper and physical test exercises: find out more on our site or get in touch for advice and details.




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