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Stable-Pak™ Bags

24-month* shelf-life for your standards

Our aqueous single-element standards just got even better! They are now shipped in aluminized Stable-Pak™ bags. Independent studies have demonstrated that packaging these standards in aluminized bags significantly reduces transpiration and improves their useful shelf life.

Transpiration, the diffusion of water vapor through a container, is responsible for a surprising amount of moisture loss through the wall and cap of the bottle as it sits on your shelf. Over time, this causes the concentration of analytes in the solution to increase. Reducing transpiration increases shelf life and extends expiration dates. The certified values for VHG standards shipped in Stable-Pak™ bags are guaranteed for up to two years.

We now certify our aqueous singles with *24 months total shelf life (or 12 months from the date of opening the Stable-Pak™ bag).



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