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Proficiency testing Polish documents

General Protocol

Air PT (WASP + STACKS) Scheme (Air PT)

Animal feeds Scheme (AFPS)

Water Chemistry Scheme (Aquacheck)

Brewing Analytes Scheme (BAPS)

Cannabis and Related products PT Scheme (CAN)

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Scheme (CLS)

Contaminated Land Scheme (CONTEST)

Cosmetics and Toiletries Scheme (COSMETICS)

Drugs of Abuse in Hair Scheme (DAH)

Alcoholic Drinks Scheme (DAPS)

Drugs of Abuse in Urine Scheme (DAU)

Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluid Scheme (DOF)

Forensic Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (FIRMS)

Hygiene Scheme (HYGIENE)

Immunosuppressant Scheme (IPT)

Malt Analytes Scheme (MAPS)

Nickel Migration Scheme (NiMS)

Oils and Fuel Analysis Scheme (OIL PT)

Pharmaceutical Analysis Scheme (PHARMASSURE)

Beverages Scheme (QBS)

Chocolate Scheme (QCS)

Dairy Chemistry Scheme (QDCS)

Food Chemistry Scheme (QFCS)

Gelatine Scheme (QGS)

Meat and Fish Analysis Scheme (QMAS)

Food Microbiology Scheme (QMS)

Forensics Blood Toxicology Scheme (QUARTZ)

Water Analysis Scheme (QWAS)

Shinga Toxin E.Coli (STEC)

Sugar Scheme (SUPS)

Therapeutic Drugs Scheme (TDM)

Toy Safety Scheme (TOYTEST)

Cryptosporidium (CRYPTS)

Microbiological Confirmation and Identification (CONF-IDENT)

Forensic Analysis for Explosives (FAE)



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