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As a leading global distributor of reference standards, matrix materials and proficiency testing schemes, we aim to support your analytical testing and help ensure your results are reliable and fit for purpose.
Our portfolio has expanded to adapt to changing regulations and technology, with a portfolio of products devoted to crucial global regulations, alongside leading ranges of pesticide, aqueous inorganic and stable isotope labelled reference materials.
Explore our offerings below, and get in touch with any questions you may have about our range or how we can support you in your analytical testing and quality assurance.

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ISO 17034/ISO Guide 34
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001

High quality PCB reference materials

PCBs are persistent contaminants in soil, water & food; our extensive Dr. Ehrenstorfer range can help ensure your environmental analysis for PCB residues is accurate

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Latest Dr. Ehrenstorfer catalogue

Download the latest updates to our Dr. Ehrenstorfer range of high quality reference standards for environmental analysis

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Pharmaceutical residues white paper

From environmental risk assessments & monitoring of pharmaceutical residues, to routes into and effects on the environment, read more in our Dr. Ehrenstorfer white paper

Download white paper
  • High quality PCB reference materials

    Ensure your testing for PCBs is effective

  • Latest Dr. Ehrenstorfer catalogue

    Updated product catalogue available

  • Pharmaceutical residues white paper

    Get a copy of our free white paper

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