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Cancer models, research chemicals and reference materials

From early stage drug discovery through to method development, drug substance testing and product release.


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TRC cancer research and analytical standards

From target identification in early stage drug discovery to limit testing in drug substance testing, TRC offers a large selection of characterized research chemicals to support your work.

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ATCC's cancer models

From classical cancer lines to new 3D models, ATCC provides a comprehensive cancer range for basic research and drug discovery and development.

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Mikromol API and impurity reference standards

Explore our range of reference materials for oncology drugs designed for quantitative analysis. Each comes with a detailed COA providing transparency on the characterisation of the material.

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  • TRC cancer research and analytical standards

    Discover our TRC oncology range

  • ATCC's cancer models

    Learn more about ATCC's physiologically-relevant cancer models

  • Mikromol API and impurity reference standards

    For analytical method development and quality control

Cancer is a complex, multifactorial disease resulting from progressive loss of tissue organisation. Hanahan and Weinberg pioneered modern studies of cancer-related genetic aberrations and epigenetic changes in 2011, when they proposed 10 ‘Hallmarks’ for cancer research. These hallmarks include: evading growth suppressors, avoiding immune destruction, enabling replicative immortality, tumour-promoting inflammation, activating invasion and metastasis, inducing angiogenesis, genome instability and mutation, resisting cell apoptosis, and sustaining proliferating signaling. To combat these hallmarks more effectively, researchers have identified targets including inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases, Telomerases, VEGF signaling, PARP enzymes and p53. 


Our extensive oncology portfolio can help you contribute to future target identification and drug development, in addition to generic manufacturing and therapeutic drug monitoring. We provide a wide range of industry-leading life science tools - from biologically active small molecules to broad ranging cellular models, such as classical cancer cell lines and 3D screening platforms for the development of personalised medicines. We also supply API and impurity research chemicals as well as primary pharmaceutical reference standards to support your method development and drug batch release.




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