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Drugs of Abuse in Urine (DAU)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • External Quality Assessment (EQA) designed for laboratories and on-site screening clinics that provide routine services for detection of drugs of abuse in urine
  • Participants receive sets of three test materials at quarterly intervals
  • Test materials consist of either 5ml or 15ml aliquots of freeze-dried urine
  • Mixtures of drugs with their metabolites from 6 major classes:-
    - Amfetamines & stimulants
    - Cannabinoids
    - Cocaine & metabolites
    - Minor tranquillizers
    - Non-opiate narcotics
    - Opiates
  • Participants select to make their reports relative to one of two sets of threshold drug concentrations
    -First, are cut-offs specified by the scheme as appropriate for routine clinical investigations
    -Second and more rigorous set of thresholds are those defined in the European Laboratory Guidelines for Legally Defensible Workplace Drug Testing version 1.0, 2002
  • Performance of U.K. participants involved in patient care is reported to the National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel for Chemical Pathology
  • Scheme operates from April to March


Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

DU13215 Apr 201920 May 2019
DU13322 Jul 201927 Aug 2019
DU134 28 Oct 2018 02 Dec 2019
DU135 13 Jan 2020 17 Feb 2020



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