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Toxicology (TOX)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • The LGC Toxicology (TOX) proficiency testing scheme is designed to provide an independent performance assessment of laboratories undertaking clinical and/or forensic toxicological analytical services.
  • Toxicological analyses may be undertaken on biological specimens, predominantly blood, serum and urine. In general, analyses are undertaken for a range of substances including prescription and non- prescription drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol.
  • For laboratories performing these analyses, participation in TOX can provide confidence that results are meaningful and accurate.
  • The operation of our TOX scheme is supported by an Advisory Group consisting of members of the professional bodies, scheme participants, and others experienced in the field. The scheme reports on the performance of U.K. participants (who have clinical responsibilities) to the National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels for Chemical Pathology.
  • Scheme operates from April to March


Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

TX22408 Apr 201907 May 2019
TX22513 May 201910 Jun 2019
TX22613 May 201924 Jun 2019
TX22710 Jun 201908 Jul 2018
TX22808 Jul 201905 Aug 2019
TX22912 Aug 201909 Sep 2019
TX23012 Aug 201923 Sep 2019
TX23109 Sep 201907 Oct 2019
TX23214 Oct 201911 Nov 2019
TX23311 Nov 201909 Dec 2019
TX23411 Nov 201906 Jan 2020
TX23509 Dec 201913 Jan 2020
TX23606 Jan 202003 Feb 2020
TX23717 Feb 202016 Mar 2020
TX23817 Feb 202030 Mar 2020
TX23916 Mar 202014 Apr 2020



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