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Animal Feed (AFPS)

Our Animal Feeds Proficiency Scheme (AFPS) is specifically designed to meet the needs of laboratories performing chemical or microbiological analysis of animal feeds.
Animal feed quality is highly regulated since many animals, or their products, will ultimately be converted into food for human consumption. Major food safety crises have occurred as the result of contamination of animal feed, causing risks to animal and human health. The resulting recalls cause significant financial damage, as large quantities of product have to be destroyed, and considerable reputational damage to the businesses involved.
Participation in our LGC AFPS Proficiency Testing scheme can form part of a comprehensive quality system that seeks to promote high standards and avoid potential risks such as recalls.

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ISO/IEC 17043
ISO 9001

Scheme Information


Despatch Date

Reporting Deadline


18 February 2019

15 March 2019


23 April 2019

17 May 2019


29 July 2019

23 August 2019


25 November 2019

03 January 2020

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