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Dairy Chemistry (QDCS)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • The LGC Quality in Dairy Chemistry Scheme (QDCS) is a comprehensive proficiency testing scheme available to laboratories performing compositional and safety analysis in the dairy sector.
  • Laboratories may test dairy products to ensure a commercial product performs within preset quality standards, or to look for adulterations or contaminants that could adversely affect a product.
  • For laboratories that perform the analysis of dairy products using traditional ‘wet’ chemistry techniques, as well as determinations by infrared analysers and other methods, participation in a relevant LGC Proficiency Testing scheme can provide confidence that results are meaningful and accurate which, in turn, helps to ensure the safety of dairy foodstuffs.
  • Scheme operates from January to December


Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

CH273 21-22 Jan 2019 15 Feb 2019
CH276 15-16 Apr 2019 10 May 2019
CH279 15-16 Jul 2019 09 Aug 2019
CH28221-22 Oct 201915 Nov 2019

Butter, Yoghurt, Cheese & Milk Powders 15  products available
Cream Products 3  products available
Freeze-Dried Milk Products 3  products available
Milk Products 6  products available
Miscellaneous Contaminants 2  products available
Standard Solutions 3  products available


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