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Food Chemistry (QFCS)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • The LGC Quality in Food Chemistry Scheme (QFCS) is specifically designed to promote the quality and comparability in the measurement of a range of analytes in food products.
  • An incredible variety of foodstuffs are available worldwide and all year round. Technology now allows suppliers to harvest, preserve and distribute within a short period of time. Consequently food quality, consumer satisfaction and government regulations are all factors that need to be considered when producing food.
  • The food we eat can contain potentially harmful chemicals, some naturally occurring, some as contaminants absorbed from soil and water. Testing these end-use products is fundamental for food safety and stability. Consistent good performance in a LGC Proficiency Testing scheme will allow laboratories to show, with confidence, the quality of results to third parties.
  • Scheme operates from January to December


Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

FC27418 Feb 201915 Mar 2019
FC27623 Apr 201917 May 2019
FC27817 Jun 201912 Jul 2019
FC28019 Aug 201913 Sep 2019
FC28207 Oct 201901 Nov 2019
FC28416 Dec 201910 Jan 2020

Additives 5  products available
Allergens 5  products available
Contaminants 9  products available
Elements 6  products available
Foreign bodies 1  products available
Nutritional Information 20  products available
Oil and Fat Quality 6  products available
Pesticides 3  products available


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