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Forensic Blood Toxicology (QUARTZ)

The AXIO Proficiency Testing Forensic Blood Toxicology Scheme (QUARTZ) is aimed at laboratories undertaking forensic toxicology and coroners' work. Test analytes and case scenarios included in the scheme are discussed regularly with the Advisory Group.


The scheme offers the choice of several test materials comprising blood and urine spiked with drugs and metabolites. Case scenarios provided for interpretation covered include sudden and suspicious deaths, drug-facilitated sexual assaults (DFSA), impaired driving, and other relevant cases.


Participation in QUARTZ will provide independent performance assessment and confidence that results are meaningful and accurate. Consistent good performance will allow laboratories to demonstrate to

third parties, customers, regulators, and accreditation bodies the quality of their results.


The operation of our QUARTZ scheme is supported by an Advisory Group consisting of members of the professional bodies, scheme participants, and others experienced in the field.


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ISO/IEC 17043
ISO 9001

Scheme Information


Despatch Date

Reporting Deadline


29 November 2021

17 January 2022


28 February 2022

19 April 2022


16 May 2022

04 July 2022


22 August 2022

10 October 2022


28 November 2022

23 January 2023

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