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Cryptosporidium (CRYPTS)

  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • There have been a number of cryptosporidium outbreaks that have threatened public health
  • Cryptosporidium is a parasite found in water that can cause illness in humans. potable or recreational waters should be treated to remove cryptosporidium and samples are therefore regularly tested through the water industry to ensure that the treatment has worked and water supplies are free from cryptosporidium.
  • Guidelines exist such as those from the WHO and the EPA to ensure Cryptosporidium doesn't contaminate human water supplies.
  • CRYPTS scheme enables particpants to show the validity of their methods and results.
  • Samples include slides, suspensions, filters with cryptosporidium oocysts


Round dates


Despatch Date

Reporting Deadline

CY22908-Apr 201926-Apr 2019
CY230 07-May 2019 24-May 2019
CY231 03-Jun 2019 21-Jun 2019
CY232 01-Jul 2019 19-Jul 2019
CY233 29-Jul 2019 16-Aug 2019
CY234 27-Aug 2019 13-Sep 2019
CY235 23-Sep 2019 11-Oct 2019
CY236 21-Oct 2019 08-Nov 2019
CY237 18-Nov 2019 06-Dec 2019
CY238 13-Jan 2020 31-Jan 2020
CY239 10-Feb 2020 28-Feb 2020
CY240 09-Mar 2020 27-Mar 2020



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