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Water Chemistry (Aquacheck)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • The industry leading LGC AQUACHECK scheme has been in continuous operation since 1985. Test materials are provided for the analysis of major inorganic/organics; metals; phenols; organochlorine pesticides and many others.
  • Water is vital in sustaining all natural systems. Each source requires regular analyses to determine safety and suitability of use. Potable water must be good in quality and quantity and free from harmful chemicals and microorganisms. Discharged water from local wastewater treatment plants and industry must comply with environmental guidelines.
  • Process waters must be kept clean to ensure product quality. As water sources can change regular testing is advised
  • Participation in the LGC AQUACHECK scheme allows laboratories to identify problems before they affect the quality and safety of waters. Participants will be able to demonstrate independently that they are producing accurate and meaningful results to laboratory management and customers.
  • Scheme operates from April to March

Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

AQ561 28 Jan 201925 Feb 2019
AQ56211 Feb 201911 Mar 2019
AQ56325 Feb 201925 Mar 2019
AQ56415 Apr 2019 13 May 2019
AQ56529 Apr 201928 May 2018
AQ56613 May 201910 Jun 2019
AQ56728 May 201924 Jun 2019
AQ56824 Jun 201922 Jul 2019
AQ56908 Jul 201905 Aug 2019
AQ57022 Jul 201919 Aug 2019
AQ57112 Aug 201909 Sep 2019
AQ57227 Aug 201923 Sep 2019
AQ57316 Sep 201914 Oct 2019
AQ57430 Sep 201928 Oct 2019
AQ57514 Oct 201911 Nov 2019
AQ57628 Oct 201925 Nov 2019
AQ57711 Nov 201909 Dec 2019
AQ57825 Nov 201906 Jan 2020
AQ57909 Dec 201913 Jan 2020
AQ58013 Jan 202010 Feb 2020
AQ58127 Jan 202024 Feb 2020
AQ58210 Feb 202009 Mar 2020
AQ58324 Feb 202023 Mar 2020

Clean Waters – Inorganic & Nutrients 20  products available
Clean Waters – Organic 28  products available
Ecotoxicology 1  products available
Qualitative Waters 4  products available
Radiochemistry 3  products available
Sewage Sludges 2  products available
Soils 1  products available
Waste Waters & Effluents – Industrial Waste Waters 7  products available
Waste Waters & Effluents – Inorganic & Nutrients 8  products available
Waste Waters - Organic 14  products available
Water Framework Directive 10  products available


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