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Dr Ehrenstorfer: what’s new this month - October 2022



You join us just as we’re putting away the decorations and getting back to our benches after celebrating World Standards Day. While some annual events that we’re invited to observe don’t really resonate – We’re talking about you, International Day of the Nacho! – Standards Day is always genuinely inspiring. That’s because it’s a reminder of how far humanity has come in using measurement to make life better. It’s also a great way of reaffirming why we at LGC Dr Ehrenstorfer do what we do: make the best reference materials we can, to support both our customers and our vision of using science for a safer world.


Helping drive the detection of PFAS in our water


PFAS contamination continues to make headlines around the globe, with a steady stream of scientific reports about its prevalence and human health consequences triggering ever more regulation, particularly in America. This month, we’re further supporting your ability to meet US testing requirements by releasing several drinking water reference materials for analytes that must be monitored under the EPA’s Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 5 – including ISO 17034-accredited single solutions for PFTrDA, PFMPA, and PFMBA.


Browse our range of PFAS products here.


An industry-leading pesticides portfolio


This month, we’ve been laser-focused on delivering the perfect pesticides portfolio – making it both broader and more responsive to our customers’ needs. We’ve therefore introduced three single-solution versions of our popular neat products for the fungicides pyrametostrobin and fenaminostrobin, as well as the tebuconazole metabolite -tert-butylhydroxy. We’re also releasing two neats for the chlorothalonil metabolites SYN507900 and R417888 sodium that began life as custom requests from individual laboratories. We hope these products can now support a wider range of customers – for example, those working to detect illegal chlorothalonil use within the EU.


Browse our range of pesticide products and metabolites here.


Making the cannabis ‘patchwork’ work for you


Despite criticism of their ‘patchwork’ nature and scientific relevance, US cannabis testing regulations are ever-evolving, and perhaps improving in some areas. At Dr Ehrenstorfer, we’re committed to bringing you reference materials for cannabis and its related compounds that keep pace with each new regulation - which is why we’re releasing new solvent testing kits that are both compliant with Michigan state rules, and unique to the market. The two ISO 17034-accredited kits, which have been split to ensure maximum stability, together cover 40 solvent analytes for both inhaled products, such as vape pens, and non-inhaled substances, including topical and edible products.


Browse our market-leading range of cannabis products here.  

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