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Bees get a buzz from nicotine-like pesticides

There is ongoing concern over Neonicitinoids and the health and effectiveness of bee populations, with the US EPA scheduling reviews of all the pesticides in the class.  Sub-lethal doses of these insecticides can result from the treatment of pollinating crops and these residues may have a detrimental effect on bee health and the vitality of bee colonies.

The protection of bees is essential given their importance to the food chain and the ecosystem. Approaches to protect bees range from seasonal prohibition of the use of some neonicitinoids to complete bans.

LGC provides a complete range of reference materials enabling laboratories to undertake accurate testing, results from which provide valuable, reliable information to support regulatory decision making and to monitor if regulations are being followed.

This brochure includes part of our range of Dr. Ehrenstorfer pesticides for use in the analysis of neonicotinoids. 


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