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Non-metals and gases

Analysis of Non-metals and Gases

Combustion Analysis

Carbon & Sulfur can be quantitatively determined by Combustion Analysis. This method is suitable for the analysis of carbon and/or sulfur from ppm to percent levels in powder or solid samples. The ideal sample size is 1g per analysis and standard protocol is 3 analyses per sample so please send us 3-5grams. If you don’t have 3g of sample, we can still perform the analysis but the number of repeat analyses or the detection limit might be limited. Carbon and sulfur can both be determined during the same analysis so it is more cost effective to analyze both at the same time.

CHN Analysis

CHN analysis determines the percent, by weight, of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen contained in a material. CHN Analysis is one of the most frequently used elemental analyses today.  Instrumental CHN Analysis provides a quick and inexpensive method to check sample purity and the empirical formula of organic compounds.

Organic Halides

We routinely analyzes metals and oxides for total organic halides (bromide, chloride and iodide) by TOX and total fluoride by pyrohydrolysis.  Detection limits are typically in the low ppm range.

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