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Ordering for the first time

If this is the first time you have placed an order via our web shop you will need to register for an account. Choose ‘Register’ from the options at the top of the web page.

If you have purchased from LGC before please select ‘Yes’, if not please select ‘No’

Now complete the registration form indicating whether you are interested in reference materials, proficiency testing or both. Please select the sectors you are interested in and for proficiency testing please provide details of the scheme, matrix or analytes of interest; this will help us to create your account.
Once we have received your completed registration form our team will create your account and you will be notified by email when you are able to place your order.

Sign in

  • Now enter your e-mail address and password then press ‘Login’

Selecting an account

If you purchase products for a group or for multiple locations you will need to choose the account that you want to place the order for. Please review the delivery and ordering options then choose the account you wish to work with.


You can switch to another account by following the steps below:

  • Choose ‘My account’

  • Choose ‘Select  customer account’

Searching for PT products

Use the search bar to enter any details for the product you are looking for; for example, an analyte name, matrix, scheme or industry sector.

If products exist for our reference material and proficiency testing ranges, choose ‘View proficiency testing samples’ to narrow the search results.

You can now view all the PT products associated with your search and perform the following actions.

  • Click the product name to view the full product page and view related products
  • Download documentation associated to product
  • Tick ‘Compare’ on multiple products to compare their properties
  • Click ‘Order PT’ to view availability/pricing and add your order to your basket.

Viewing the full product page

Product pages can be accessed by clicking the product name in any search result or by navigating to the product via the ‘Products & Services’ menu.
From the PT product page you can view full analyte details, download scheme documentation, view related/recommended products and order the PT sample.

Order a PT scheme

To order a PT scheme click ‘Order PT’ from any product page or search result. The PT ordering grid will then be presented to you. Follow the steps below to add your order to your basket.

  • Select the sector, scheme, scheme year and lab that you wish to order for

Don’t have a Lab ID number
If you do not have a Lab ID number you can ‘Browse without Lab ID’; however, you will need to ‘Add a new Lab ID’ to complete your order.

    • Click ‘Add a new Lab ID’

    • Choose any Lab ID listed on the next dialog to place an order for this location or if you cannot see your location click ‘Request a Lab ID’.

  • Select the samples that you are interested in ordering. To view details of a sample click on the sample name.

  • Click ‘View availability’ to view when samples are available and add your desired purchase quantity.


    • To add quantity for all rounds, enter quantity under the ‘All’ column and click
    • To add quantity to a single round, enter quantity under the relevant round
    • If a sample comprises multiple components you can order additional components by clicking

  •  Click ‘Estimate price’ then ‘Add to basket’

  • Click ‘Continue shopping’ to add another order, either for another PT scheme or another Lab ID, or ‘Checkout’.


  • Now review your order. You can update quantity or remove items from the order if necessary. Any updates should be confirmed by clicking ‘Update’.

If you are happy to proceed click ‘Checkout’.

  • Ensure your billing and delivery address is correct. As the delivery address is linked to the Lab ID you are ordering for you cannot update it here, please contact us in the event of any issues.


Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the final review and payment options.




  • Ensure all the details shown on the final review page are correct. You can choose to place the order or create a quotation which can be completed at a later stage. If you choose ‘Email basket’, you can email a copy of the basket to another person to review.

If you are happy to proceed choose your payment method, click ‘I accept terms & conditions’ and then ‘Place order’.

Your order is now complete and you will receive confirmation via email.

Renewing a PT scheme – Replicate last year’s order quickly

It is a simple and quick process to renew your participation in a PT scheme and our system allows you to replicate your order from the previous year into the current year; once replicated you will have the option to add new samples or remove any that you no longer require.
To renew a PT scheme:

  • Search for the scheme using the main search bar

  • Click ‘Order PT’ next to any of the samples returned in the search results

  • Choose a Lab from the drop down list

  • Choose ‘Copy/update last year’s order’

  • The samples and quantity that you ordered in the previous scheme year will added to the corresponding rounds from the current scheme year.
  • To add new samples to your order tick any that you require in the sample tree, then click ‘View availability’.

  • Now review/update the required quantity and click ‘Estimate price’
  • Now click ‘Add to basket’ to proceed to the checkout.
  • Orders for any other PT scheme or additional labs can be placed by clicking ‘Continue shopping’.


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