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VHG Labs Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) for Oil Analysis


The VHG PTP has been specially designed for analytical laboratories that analyze new or used oils for metals, sulfur, viscosity, or particle count.  The PTP is intended to provide laboratories with a method of monitoring their analytical performance as measured against Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and is ISO/IEC 17043 accredited.


  • Buy a sample
  • Analyze it
  • Enter their data online
  • Receive instant, color-coded feedback

Benefits of participation:

  • Monitor & improve measurements processes
  • Demonstrate analytical competency
  • Method and instrument validation
  • Satisfy third party accreditors needs

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PTP Sample for Sulfur in 20 cSt Mineral Oil Analysis 25ml VHG-PTPS20M-25
PTP Sample for Sulfur in #2 Diesel Fuel Analysis 25ml VHG-PTPSDSL-25
PTP Sample for Lead in Isooctane Analysis 25g VHG-PTPPBISO-25G
PTP Sample for Sulfur in Isooctane Analysis 25ml VHG-PTPSISO-25
PTP Sample for Elemental Analysis of Lube Oil 25ml VHG-PTPLUBEMO-25
PTP Sample for Sulfur in Crude Oil Analysis 25ml VHG-PTPSCRD-25
PTP Sample for Sulfur in B100 Biodiesel Analysis 25ml VHG-PTPSB100-25
PTP Sample for Particle Count Analysis (traceable to NIST SRM 2806a) 100ml VHG-VPTPPC-2806A-100
PTP Sample for Viscosity Analysis 50ml VHG-VPTPVISC-50
PTP Set (contains one of each of the following: VPTPMO, VPTPVISC, VPTPPC) ea VHG-VPTPSET1
PTP Sample for Particle Count Analysis 125ml VHG-VPTPPC-125
PTP Sample for Elemental Analysis of Oils 25g VHG-VPTPMO-25G



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