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Pharmacopoeial / Monograph Reference Standards | LGC Standards

LGC supplies over 10,000 pharmaceutical reference standards from all relevant industry suppliers including the world's Pharmacopoeias.

A pharmacopoeial reference standard is a reference standard for active ingredients, excipients and impurity substances established under the aegis of and approved by the relevant Pharmacopoeia, such as USP, EP, BP and JP.

Pharmacopoeial reference standards should only be used for the purposes which are described in the relevant monograph, for which they can be considered a primary reference standard. This is because they have been characterised and tested only for suitability for the official purpose, and they are not supplied with a detailed certificate of analysis thus significantly limiting their usability and value. Other than in those specific situations, the official status of these materials is not valid.


For a PDF version of our most recent Pharmacopoeial catalogue please click here.



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