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The Truth About Certificates of Analysis

With so many manufacturers making claims about their products, using so many different CoAs, how can you be sure you’re getting a true picture of the reference materials you buy? Watch our essential new video below, The Truth About Certificates of Analysis, which explains how you can tell whether a product truly adheres to ISO 17034 certification and offers complete characterisation – plus how Dr Ehrenstorfer CoAs give you the most clarity and the most detailed information possible. 



Leave nothing to chance


At Dr Ehrenstorfer, a Certificate of Analysis isn’t just a piece of paper – it’s a guarantee that the reference material you buy is a completely known quantity. Our ISO 17034 CoAs give customers the most clarity and the most detailed information possible – in turn giving you supreme confidence in the accuracy of your results, and the knowledge that you’ve left nothing to chance.  

Be certain about uncertainty


Some manufacturers only provide a number for characterisation uncertainty, but our 17034 CoAs meet ISO requirements precisely – by stating a metrologically-validated total combined uncertainty that’s traceable to SI units. We also verify the homogeneity uncertainty of our products using ISO 17034-validated procedures – while our manufacturing uncertainty takes into account neat material purity and human error as well as weight and volume. 

The science behind our promises


The expiry dates on our CoAs are based on extensive real-time data studies and heat stress testing, using NIST techniques featuring multiple temperatures.
We also ensure, through stress-testing and data and trend analysis, that shipping our products has zero impact on our certified uncertainty values.

The Truth About Certificates of Analysis - Video

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