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Antivirals and Antiretrovirals research tools

Explore our latest catalogue of research chemicals, analytical standards and the largest global collection of pathogenic virus strains.


TRC antiviral research tools for innovation and discovery

The boom in virology research has stimulated useful innovations, although significant threats remain. TRC provide many unique HIV and Covid relevant molecules to support your vital research.

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ATCC authenticated high purity viral strains

Continuous outbreaks of established and emerging pathogens drive the need for scientific advances. That's why ATCC remains committed to providing superior biomaterials to progress your viral research.

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Mikromol antiviral drug product reference materials

Quality will always be central to successful drug testing and product release. LGC Mikromol can provide the quality reference materials you need for quantitative virology API and impurity analysis.

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  • TRC antiviral research tools for innovation and discovery

  • ATCC authenticated high purity viral strains

  • Mikromol antiviral drug product reference materials

Antivirals and antiretrovirals are critical elements in fighting the spread of viral diseases. These include HIV/AIDS, coronaviruses that cause SARS and Covid-19, MERS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, and Herpes - as well as flaviviruses such as Ebola, West Nile, Zika and Dengue.

TRC provides a vast range of novel and unique compounds designed to inhibit, block and bind to new and emerging viral drug targets. Our portfolio includes research chemicals, analytical standards, bioactive molecules, natural products, APIs, impurities and metabolites, plus more than 21,000 stable isotope labelled standards.

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See some recent publications citing our infectious disease products:

TRC chemicals are helping HIV research efforts

TRC research chemicals are used in a cutting-edge study demonstrating that a targeted-ARV nanoformulation dual-action mechanism could provide a multifactorial solution towards achieving a HIV functional cure.

Read the research here

TRC chemicals are being used to combat hepatitis

TRC chemicals featured in a recent study investigating cellular regulators of Hepatitis B replication - revealing a role for modulation of the enzyme CAMKII in inhibiting viral replication, useful for designing new drugs to target the HBV pathogen.

Read the research here
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