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The future of multi-analyte testing is here with LGC Standards range of iMix Smart Solutions

Dr. Ehrenstorfer’s growing range of iMix Smart Solution multi-analyte mixtures are designed to be a revolutionary addition to your testing lab. Our experts have focused their collective knowledge of reference material design and manufacturing, to create unique mixes to support your drives in efficiency.


LGC Standards’ current range of iMix solutions brings instrument run time for multi-analyte samples, some with as many as several hundred analytes, down to as few as 30 minutes.  Our entire iMix range is manufactured according to ISO 17034 guidelines, which means you can select standards that support your laboratory’s accreditation needs. Plus, you’ll receive a clear, simple but comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.  These mixes are designed for optimal analyte elution and maximum stability.  Their precise formulation reduces the need for complicated method development or dilution steps. This means less risk of error and more confidence in your results.


Our iMix portfolio continues to expand as we develop new and innovative ways to create mixtures with a large number of analytes; all with the goal of making our customers’ analyses easier and faster.  

Learn more about the iMix range below:

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Smart Solutions™ iMix Portfolio

Revolutionary reference material mixtures designed to increase your lab’s productivity!

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Smart Solutions ™ v59 PharmaVetResiMix Kit The easiest and quickest way to calibrate and screen for 59 Veterinary Residue analytes.

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Feature Link Image Main W389 x H200 Pesti1.jpg

GC PestiMix

Smart Solutions™ v400 gc pestimix kit 1 A new reference material optimized to enable rapid calibration and screening of over 400 analytes.

Learn more
Feature Link Image Main W389 x H200 Pesti2.jpg

LC PestiMix

Smart Solutions™ v700 LC pestimix kit2 A reference material optimised to enable rapid calibration and screening of over 700 analytes.

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Smart Solutions™ TerpiMix kit 63 analytes, one kit: designed to boost your laboratory’s productivity.

Discover more


Dr. Ehrenstorfer offers a mixture that has 27 unique PFAS compounds, including 27 of the UCMR5 PFAS Contaminants.

Explore now

PestiMix, innovation and future trends in pesticide analysis

In this last of three articles celebrating our heritage, we discuss the scientific process behind our groundbreaking PestiMix kits, and predict some key future trends in pesticide analysis.

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DRE masterclass pestimix snip-389x200.JPG

Masterclass One: How we created PestiMix



In this latest poster, our experts present the development process for six multi-component mixtures and the extension of these mixtures including the development of pharmaceutical mixtures for environmental testing.

Download now
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