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the ampoule in a bottle 


Specifically designed for storage of volatile organic solutions and reference standards.


-  Minimal evaporation and change in concentration, even when open*

-  Spill-proof

-  Reusable 

-  In stock and ready to ship


*Average 0.11% loss of volatiles in Certan over three weeks, versus 31.92% loss in unsealed bottles 





“The Certan vial is a tremendous improvement in packaging these extremely volatile compounds. Thanks to this standard, we've been able to create a calibration curve that meets the requirements of our regulators.”   

- Analysis Laboratory N. America, July 2020


Has your testing ever come back with an incorrect result because of a change in solution concentration? Has anyone in your lab ever left the lid off a bottle by mistake, or spilled a standard? The Certan bottle, exclusively designed by LGC, helps avoid the repeat testing and delays to results that situations like these can cause.


The Certan bottle combines the advantages of a sealed ampoule and a screw-top bottle, with a capillary design that is ideal for the long-term storage and use of reference standards and volatile compounds. Its 28mm capillary works as a recondensation zone, minimising the loss of volatile solvents and reducing cap surface area, to ensure a secure seal and reliable performance from the product over its life.


Available in 1.5 ml bottle, 4.5 ml bottle and 10 ml bottle sizes, the Certan bottle not only reduces solution waste and risk of error, but is reusable (cleaning instructions provided at the link below). In stock and ready to ship now, isn’t it time you tried Certan?



For concentration consistency: choose Certan®







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