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Other moulds

Mould_104-80.png For samples with little precipitation volume of iron-, nickel- and cobalt base.
Samples are cut 15mm from bottom and grinded for analytical surface.
Sample dimension: 75 x 32-45 mm Ø
Mould_20-40.jpg For samples with little precipitation volume of iron-, nickel, cobalt base and pure metals. No cutting necessary.
Samples are grinded, milled or lathed from bottom.
Sample dimension: 20 x 40 mm
mould_002-76.png Samples are prepared for analytical surface from the side, either grinded, milled or lathed.
Sample dimension: 20 x 40 x 40 mm
Mould_101-76.jpg For pig iron and cast iron with asymmetrical feeder. The feeder is cut off and the sample surface prepared from the bottom by use of a swing grinder.
Sample dimension: 4 x 40 mm Ø
Mould_105-80.jpgFor cast iron with special high carbon equivalent as per pin sample method.
Sample dimension: 40 x 6 mm Ø
Mould_103-76.jpg For samples with high precipitation volume and tendency for segregation, non-ferrous-alloys.
The feeder is cut off and the sample surfaced by milling or grinding from the bottom.
Sample dimension: 6 x 45 mm Ø
Mould_106-80.jpg Mould tongs for cast iron samples, copper insert moulds available as spare parts.
Sample dimension: 4 x 36 mm Ø

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