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Proficiency Testing

We provide proficiency testing schemes with localised support across a truly global network to over 13,000 laboratories in more than 160 countries, conducting over 1,700 proficiency tests each year. Proficiency Testing (PT) is a requirement for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189.

At LGC we operate PT schemes across the food, beverage, environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, consumer safety, forensic and petroleum sectors – your laboratory will get the support it needs in demonstrating the effectiveness of your quality system.


PT Webinar Series

Join us for a free webinar series designed to give you the knowledge base and insight you need to make proficiency testing a critical part of your quality assurance systems.

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New QFCS Sample

Sample QFCS 825, Authenticity of herbs and spices, is designed to help your laboratory demonstrate the effectiveness of your testing for adulteration in herbs and spices, using real-world matrices.

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2020/21 Proficiency Testing Schemes now open

LGC Proficiency Testing schemes are now available for 2020/21, so whatever your quality needs, we have a sample to deliver the confidence in your results you’re looking for.

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  • PT Webinar Series

    Join us for our free webinar series detailing all you need to know about PT

  • New QFCS Sample

    Ensure your testing of herb and spice authenticity is valid

  • 2020/21 Proficiency Testing Schemes now open

    A sample for you, whatever your needs

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