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Custom-made Proficiency Testing Schemes

Participation in one of our regular schemes is usually an ideal solution for our customers - even if you have a large number of laboratories in different geographies, AXIO can provide you with multi-lab reports to compare all of their sites. However, sometimes the regular scheme remit is not quite enough, and you may want to adapt a scheme specifically for your needs. 

Custom schemes

We offer custom-made proficiency testing schemes tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. We currently operate customised schemes on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world and are happy to discuss your needs in this area. Please note that a minimum level of business (20 laboratories) is required before a scheme can be considered. 

Special samples

We are also able to provide specially prepared samples, in the event that you want to take part in our regular PT schemes but need additional requirements fulfilled. We would be happy to discuss any special requests you may have regarding inoculum levels, test material size, quantity, matrix format and test type. Minimum order quantities are required for this service.  

Learn more

To discuss your needs, please contact: ptcustomerservices@lgcgroup.com or +44 (0) 161 762 2500

Or submit your request in the ‘Further comments’ section of this form, and we’ll be in touch: 

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