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Intelligent assurance for you and your supply network


LGC ASSURE offers a connected suite of solutions that intelligently analyse the safety, quality and authenticity of your goods and services, alongside evolving value drivers such as health, environmental, human welfare and ethical impact.


LGC ASSURE is proud to serve over 45,000 customers in over 160 countries from 13 dedicated locations around the world.    We deliver expert quality solutions, insight and expertise via a global network covering a multitude of sectors including Food & Beverage, Consumer Products, Water & Environment, Sport, Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum and Logistics. 





An introduction to LGC ASSURE

Bringing together four leading brands to provide a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions across critical touchpoints, with a focus on the manufacturing, laboratory, ingredients and nutritional supplements sectors.


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Brand confidence starts with a conversation


LGC ASSURE can work in partnership with you to determine the activity required to protect yourself and those who buy and consume your products. By working with LGC ASSURE you will acquire trusted, actionable insights to test and validate your systems, protect product integrity, efficiently manage your processes and manage your data for maximum effectiveness. 


Contact us to start the conversation: contactus@lgcassure.com




Download the LGC ASSURE White Paper on the forces shaping the future of supply chain assurance.


Read the LGC ASSURE June 2021 Press Release.





In addition, LGC ASSURE offers world leading human drug and animal sports testing provided by Sport and Specialised Analytical Services (SSAS). For further information about our SSAS services, contact SSAS@LGCGroup.com or visit our website.


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