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Positive change for laboratories as AXIO adds free pH testing to popular PT samples

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Spreading bitter butter on sourdough that’s far too sour is nobody’s idea of a tasty meal – which is why accurate pH analysis is a perennially burning issue for laboratories that support food producers. It’s also why AXIO Proficiency Testing is announcing a free pH upgrade to several of its most popular food schemes, to better support our customers’ analytical processes.  


Because pH is central to so many aspects of food manufacturing – from the thickness of fruit jelly to the tang in a slice of cheese – testing for the correct pH value is the most common of all analytical measurements carried out across the industry.


pH can vary according to an enormous range of factors, all of which affect food quality and safety – including freshness, growing season, climate, soil, and even contamination with cleaning agents. Inadequate control of pH can also result in the growth of undesirable microorganisms that could be health hazards.


Just a small change in pH can have a major effect on product quality and safety – meaning that laboratories need to get their analyses consistently right, to ensure that foods are produced safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. pH also plays a critical role throughout the various processing stages, for example in cheese production, as well as the quality of the final product


In recognition of the importance of reliable pH analysis, AXIO Proficiency Testing is now adding pH as an additional analyte to several samples in its Food Chemistry (QFCS) and Dairy Chemistry (QDCS) schemes – free of charge to customers.


AXIO recognised that pH was the most reported analyte on the PORTAL reporting platform. But, when one laboratory asked for pH to be added to a particular PT sample, (PT-AF-09, pet food), it inspired us to add value to our global laboratory network by including pH as an analyte in more PTs across the QFCS, AFPS and QDCS ranges.


The seven enhanced samples now featuring pH as a free extra analyte are:


-          PT-FC-776 - Nutritional Analysis of Bread

-          PT-FC-856 - Pickles

-          PT-FC-860 - Analysis of Chewing Gum

-          PT-CH-38A - Compositional Analysis – Skimmed Milk Powder

-          PT-CH-38B - Compositional Analysis – Whey Powder

-          PT-CH-52 - Compositional Analysis – Whole Milk Powder

-          PT-CH-66 - Chemical Analysis in Condensed Milk


Taken together, the AXIO commitment to continuous improvement, and to Existing Product Development (EPD) by increasing the number of analytes offered to laboratories, free of charge, resulted in the release of 128 new proficiency testing samples last year, with 16 EPDs.


We also support our customers’ drive to achieve better results by offering white papers, webinars and free training, all which are regularly communicated to our network through our newsletter and social media.


In addition, we provide the best-in-class reporting system, PORTAL, which gives laboratories full control over their PT data 24 hours a day. PORTAL provides fast reporting turnaround, simple data-entry, interactive reporting and performance trending - all available in local languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, French, and Polish, with more to come.


Our proficiency testing offering is based on over 40 years of experience in supporting laboratories, across our truly global network. We serve in excess of 13,000 laboratories in more than 160 countries, with a network of local offices where experts who speak your language are on hand to give advice and help at every stage of the testing process.


AXIO is your perfect partner in proficiency testing – head to lgcstandards.com/AXIO and work with us towards science for a safer world.


LGC. Science for a safer world.

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