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Dr Ehrenstorfer: what’s new this month – January 2022

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At Dr Ehrenstorfer, we always have the same New Year’s resolutions: to develop even more high-quality reference materials, and keep our extensive portfolio up to date with new regulations and novel research. So why not take a look at our latest product updates, or get in touch to find out how we can help your laboratory meet its goals for 2022 and beyond?


1. Health and personal care products


If there’s something strangely familiar about benzoic acid - one of the analytes in the seven health and personal care products we’re releasing this month – it’s maybe because the compound is also used to make the ‘flakes’ in snow globes. On a more day-to-day basis, it’s used in a range of cosmetic products as a PH adjuster and preservative. Capable of irritating skin and eyes at higher concentrations, it is nevertheless permitted for use in the EU at a maximum 2.5 per cent in ‘rinse -off’ products and 0.5 per cent when ‘left on’. We’re also releasing a new reference material for Bronidox – a preservative with broad spectrum activity against bacteria and fungi that is also used widely in beauty products. According to the Journal of the American College of Toxicology, Bronidox can be used safely in cosmetics at concentrations of up to 0.1 per cent, “except when it may react with amines and amides to form nitrosamines or nitrosamides.”


View our range of health and personal care products here.


2. Cannabis related compounds


Strong demand for cannabis-derived products worldwide – and the gradual legalisation of the drug in the US – has led to unprecedented demand for reliable quality and purity testing in many countries. Keeping up with continually evolving testing methods and regulations is a further challenge for analytical laboratories, which is why Dr Ehrenstorfer continues to innovate in its range of cannabis-related reference materials. The 25 new products we are releasing this month support your analysis of both cannabinoids and heavy metals – including cannabidiolic acid, alpha-pinene, THCV, and metals mixtures conforming to testing regulations in California, Colorado, plus eight other US States.


View our range of cannabis related compound products here.


3. Pharmaceutical and veterinary residues


The dangers that residues of veterinary medical products pose to our food, water, soils and overall wellbeing are of growing concern to health bodies worldwide. Whilst carryover contamination of veterinary drugs into food products can endanger both human health and producer profitability, the overuse or abuse of animal antibiotics is also contributing to the deeper challenge of worldwide antimicrobial resistance. Dr Ehrenstorfer is releasing 14 new products aimed at keeping your laboratory up to date with regulatory requirements in 2022. They include our avermectin mixture, enabling your detection of six commonly used antiparasitic and insecticide medicine residues, and a Beta lactam antibiotic mixture targeting 23 analytes.


View our range of pharmaceutical and veterinary residue products here.

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