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Look to your laboratory’s future with AXIO Proficiency Testing from LGC

Ever since we launched our first proficiency testing (PT) scheme in 1984 for the drinks industry, LGC has been leading the direction of proficiency testing and driving the future of quality assurance. As our portfolio grew, in 2002 we became one of the first organisations to gain UKAS accreditation – what is now the international standard ISO/IEC 17043. In 2011 we opened our global PT headquarters in Bury, UK, which has since been expanded and renovated, alongside the opening of a new PT hub in Nanjing to serve China.

Now join us for the next step in our evolution, as we introduce AXIO Proficiency Testing, our new name and look for our LGC PT offering. As AXIO, we’ll provide you with the same excellent PT schemes, samples and service we have done until now – as well as some exciting new products too – and will also underline our renewed commitment to continuous improvement, through collaboration with you, our friends and customers across the world.

Laboratory proficiency requires a dedicated and trusted collaborator providing a PT solution that puts laboratories central, is designed around your needs and evolves to meet them. Our AXIO Proficiency Testing schemes are already used by tens of thousands of laboratories in more than 160 countries, who utilise our secure online data reporting platform, PORTAL, to record millions of data points which we turn into accessible, reliable intelligence you can act upon. 

This rigorous worldwide data set is supported by local teams ready to provide the expert answers and assistance you need at any point, a reliable global logistics network, and our feature-rich online platform for data input and results analysis. 

But don’t just take our word for it – our customers are our best advocates:

“I hold LGC up as the standard that other providers need to meet.”

International spread is what makes you stand out.”

“Even as a big company, you support me as a small lab with one person and so you feel like a local company to me. I feel wanted as a customer.”

Best in class.”

“The way PT is run by LGC you never know what’s in the sample and so it pushes you to the limits of your abilities, which is what you want as a technician!

Feedback provided by LGC PT customers, summer 2020

Find out more about what AXIO Proficiency Testing has to offer and explore our range on our site, and learn about why we care so much about accurate, reliable PT. 

For the past 40 years we’ve been using our technical expertise and influence to drive the future of quality assurance and accreditation; be part of the story for the next 40 and beyond, and have confidence in the continuous improvement of your laboratory proficiency with AXIO, the globally trusted, expert partner in proficiency testing.

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