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Malt analytes scheme (MAPS)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • Barley, malt, malt flour and crystal/black malt matrices
  • Test materials are analysed for a wide range of EBC (European Brewing Convention) and IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) methods
  • Colour, moisture, mycotoxin, NDMA analysis and more
  • 12 distributions per annum
  • Scheme operates from January to December

Round dates


Despatch date

Reporting deadline

MP241 09 Jan 2017 03 Feb 2017
MP242 06 Feb 2017 03 Mar 2017
MP243 06 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017
MP244 03 Apr 2017 28 Apr 2017
MP245 02 May 2017 26 May 2017
MP246 05 Jun 2017 03 Jun 2017
MP247 03 Jul 2017 28 Jul 2017
MP248 07 Aug 2017 01 Sep 2017
MP249 04 Sep 2017 29 Sep 2017
MP250 02 Oct 2017 27 Oct 2017
MP251 06 Nov 2017 01 Dec 2017
MP252 04 Dec 2017 05 Jan 2018


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