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TRC has for 38 years specialised in the production of quality products for innovative research. Our goal is to provide the tools and support required by researchers in the global scientific community, with a range showcasing products for use in a wide array of application areas, including pharmaceutical and medicinal R&D, forensic science and environmental analysis.


With more than 250 experienced MSc & PhD chemists and decades of synthesis expertise, we specialise in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds. We aim to provide you with the custom chemicals you need for your research, whatever your request. 



Working on impurities and metabolites?

Browse our research tools for quantitative and qualitative profiling of impurities and metabolites

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Custom chemical synthesis

Our team of experienced Ph.D. chemists specialises in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds

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Enriched stable isotopes

Learn more about our extensive range of stable labelled isotopes to aid your proteomics, metabolomics, agriculture and nutrition research.

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  • Working on impurities and metabolites?

    Discover our range of impurities and metabolites

  • Custom chemical synthesis

    Custom synthesis service and contract research

  • Enriched stable isotopes

    Developed for diverse research areas, including agriculture, nutrition and proteomics

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