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Dr Ehrenstorfer: what’s new this month - May 2022

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“All things seem possible in May”, wrote the American naturalist Edwin Way Teale. Which is a helpful frame of mind to be in, as we go about our work safeguarding the increasingly fragile global environment. Despite the bad news that fills the science  columns, it’s encouraging to remember how readers of this newsletter are striving constantly to protect the world and those who live in it. Here are a few new reference materials from  Dr Ehrenstorfer that may help you with that – please take a look below, or get in touch to find out how we can help you further. 


New reference materials to help tackle antimicrobial resistance


There’s increasing awareness of the dangers of pharmaceutical and veterinary residues in our foods and environment, with the existential threat of antimicrobial resistance prompting the European Union (EU) to introduce new regulations aimed at controlling the use of veterinary antibiotics this year. Antibiotic environmental contamination is, however, just one part of the story - as indicated by a recent report showing that rivers on all continents except Antarctica were contaminated with several other common drugs in addition to antimicrobials. With the stakes so high, the need for assessment and control of pharmaceutical and veterinary residues via laboratory analysis has never been greater. Dr Ehrenstorfer is therefore bringing out 11 new products to aid your testing, with analytes including the popular veterinary antibiotic olaquindox and the blood pressure drug enalapril maleate.

View our range of pharmaceutical and veterinary compound products here.  


Dr Ehrenstorfer pesticide products: a proud history and an eye on the future


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Agricultural developments, increased global trade and changing governmental regulations have resulted in laboratories’ analyte requirements evolving to an ever-expanding range of pesticides and metabolites in food and environmental samples. Backed by over 45 years of experience of leading innovation in pesticide analysis, Dr Ehrenstorfer is constantly evolving its portfolio to offer you the most up-to-date reference materials. This month, we have added 20 new products, including mixtures featuring a range of organophosphorus, organochlorine, pyridine and other pesticide analytes – all with the aim of providing high quality reference materials for hard to source analytes.

View our range of pesticide products here.  


Analysing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)– a complex business made simpler with Dr Ehrenstorfer 


The health and environmental effects of VOCs is another pressing global issue, with an “ever-growing number of emission controls, product specifications, monitoring and remediation plans” making reliable laboratory testing both more urgent and more complex. Legislators in Canada, China, the EU and the US have all issued guidelines and established ranges of substances to be tested in their territories. But global variations in classification are among the factors that make analytical testing of VOCs a complicated business – and also why Dr Ehrenstorfer offers regionally differentiated mixtures to meet your country’s regulations. The six new products we’re releasing this month include four mixtures, featuring up to 22 essential VOC analytes.

View our range of VOC products here. 


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